Bonus Trainings

For Love, Health, Success and Purpose


More Than Ok in Love

When you’ve been hurt, rejected, disappointed, abandoned, or have lost the love of your life,
it’s hard to get back into the ring again. Discover why you might want to
and what you need to open to love again.



Know Your Life Purpose

Find out what’s holding you back from living your purpose
and what you can do about it not matter how old you are.



Vibrant Health Through Brilliant Action

What is your body telling you right now? Are you feeling stressed? Frustrated?
Overwhelmed? Excited? If you can’t tell, it might be time to listen.
Find out more about body how your body communicates with you.



Is Appreciation Addiction Sabotaging
Your Success in Work or Love?

We can actually get addicted to likes and strokes of approval.
How does this sabotage your work or love life? 



What They Say About Dr. Michelle
Lira Kay
Founder, School of Inspired Life


Geri Grossman
Executive Coach, My Executive Coach


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Business Insurance Agent


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