Crafting Change With Intention

Everything changes, everything is impermanent!

Rick Fields said these word in my first film, Facing Death . . . with open eyes. It was just two weeks before he died. His words come back to me now as I review the the past year and ponder the next.

Rick Fields, author and Buddhist, was right. Change is constant. It is the nature of living. We never know what is going to happen next.

But we always have a choice in how we respond. We can be pummeled, bruised and battered by the surprises change brings or we can learn to guide out boats more gracefully through its turbulent waters.

Grace comes with setting our intentions.

When we have a clear picture of what we want, we are more likely to obtain it. This is a truth every successful business person and visionary knows. Vision guides our perceptions and responses and helps inspire others. It sets the magic in motion.

Crafting Change With Intention

To help with our visioning and intentions, my friend Marina Ormes is holding a special event:  The 2015 New Year’s Day Personal and Planetary Intention-Setting.

Indigenous prophecies, holistic healers, and spiritual teachers have been telling us that we are in important evolutionary times. The future of our world hangs in the balance.

We know that change is happening and we are hoping for something better. We can best do our parts by living authentic, heart-based lives. When daily news, life events, and challenging situations put fear, confusion, or overwhelm into our reality it helps to reach out to others who share our vision.

On January 1, Marina will lead a very powerful call in which we will choose what we want to create in 2015.

Rather than using resolutions, which are based upon guilt and shame and can set a person up for failure, Marina will help us vision and imagine a different reality so that we actually co-create it.


People from all over the globe will be there to bring their visions together, anchor them, and send them out to the world.

When you sign up, you immediately receive the free gift “What Is My Vision” a surprisingly revealing exercise in pdf format for identifying what is truly important to you and what you want to create in 2015.

One of my intentions for the new year is to create a new illustration each month that reflects my vision. See my first illustration for the new year and January above.

Please join me on Marina’s call and help us all get 2015 off to a dynamic start.

GO HERE for more information and to register.

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