Creating Luck Through Positive Action

 Action is the third essential ingredient in the formula for manifesting good luck in one’s life.


The universe provides opportunity like a brass ring on a merry-go-round. We must reach out to claim the prize. We must buy the lottery ticket, make the phone call, book the hall, write the book, ask the question and share our dream before luck will manifest.

Action, however, must be taken with confidence and clarity of vision. The state of being in which we act is the determining factor. If we do not believe our actions will work, they will not work.

Hobji Takes Action

Mindset can change the course of events.

The very first summer I attended Sufi camp I had my own stunning experience of this. We were on a break at the end of summer. I had an old VW camper van and, being one of the few car owners at camp, volunteered to take several German Sufi students to an Indian pueblo for the fall harvest dance. On the way, we made a brief stop in Albuquerque to pick up another person. At this brief stop my van suddenly refused to start.

I couldn’t believe it. My jaws tightened, my face got red and my mind started down a familiar road of fury and upset. Curses and tears were rising in my throat when I remembered that I had just finished two months at a spiritual retreat and that this hysterical response no longer fit me. I took a deep breath and released my negative energy. Then I pulled out the Idiot’s Manual for VW Repair and began to diagnose the problem. I really believed everything would be alright.

Just when I had it figured out, a young man appeared at my shoulder asking if he could be of assistance. I laughed and said, “Only if you’re a VW mechanic.” He said he was. I laughed again and asked if he happened to have the part I needed. Yes again. He then proceeded to complete the repair and charged me only the cost of the replacement part. I thanked him profusely feeling very lucky. It was only as I left Albuquerque and got back on the highway, that it occurred to me just how lucky I had been. It was Labor Day and all the repair shops were closed.

In the moment of my letting go of my fears and believing in spirit, the world shifted.

The channeled entity Abraham calls the state I was in, the Vortex. In the Vortex, everything is easy. Anything done outside the Vortex will be full of effort.

Many of us having been taught from childhood that success comes by working hard. Working hard is not necessarily bad, but when performed in the midst of fear and worry, it will achieve the opposite of what want we want.

My first husband’s mother always told him:  It is what you don’t worry about that goes wrong. He was conditioned to worrying all the time, even worrying about what he might have missed worrying about. He believed his worrying held back the forces of disaster. In reality his worrying invited them.

How does one get in the Vortex? — By doing what one loves to do.

When we are doing what we love, our every action can be uplifting. We do not need outside rewards, although they often come. The action is self rewarding.

Unfortunately, many of us have been discourage from doing what we love to do. We were told it is impractical, that we need something to fall back on, and to visualize of all the starving artists driving cabs or working tables. Our parents are not to be faulted. That what they were taught too.

With this kind of conditioning is not surprising that our efforts to achieve our vision would provoke fear. Doing what we love goes against the grain. The bad news is that as long as we believe what we were taught and surrender to our fears, they will come true.

Manifestation experts assure us that if we stay the course we will eventually succeed. What is true is that those who succeeded never gave up. I would like to share some ideas to increase our success rate while staying the course.

The first thing to do is to stop doing whatever we are doing when in a negative mind state.

Working from a negative place is a waste of energy and time. Stop doing, however, can be a very challenging practice when there is a to-do-list a mile long and a voice screaming in our head about all the disasters that will ensue if we don’t push on. Stopping our action might even amp up the negative state.

Collapsing on the couch and stewing in negativity is not the kind of stop doing we are after, although it can be an initial step. We may need to release our emotions before uplifting can occur. Crying, screaming and gnashing of teeth could be just what is needed. Once the negative emotions are released can we begin to change our state in earnest. Otherwise, we are just pretending to feel better. And the universe is never fooled.

Stop doing means shifting out focus from working on our vision goal to working on our state of being.

We want to be in the high vibration of joy and confidence before taking action. Remember the story of my VW van. Had I tried to fix the van in my state of anger and frustration I would have accomplished little. The manual would probably not have made sense. I might have lost my screwdriver. My cursing could have repelled my rescuer.

As a child I learned that doing household task, e.g. folding clothes or washing the dishes, helped keep my mother calm, or at least off my case. I still resort to this sort of activity when I feel agitated. I find it soothing. So, physical tasks could be a way of stopping. But only as an initial step, because house cleaning does not really raise my vibration. Also one must beware of the tendency to create additional household tasks or even crises in order to avoid working on one’s vision and goals. Stopping what we are doing is about raising our vibration, not avoiding our work.

Here are some other things we can do to shift into the Vortex of manifestation.

Be in Nature

Nature connects us to the universe, to source and unity. Plants and animal calm us with their energy, beauty and vibration. Working in the garden, taking a walk in a forest, playing with a dog or cat, watching a butterfly or bird, taking photos of a flower or creating a lovely bouquet are all helpful energy shifting activities. The key is to focus on nature and not our worries. Be in the moment.


Meditation can put us into that delicious space of presence where neither the failures of the past nor the difficulties of the future exist. In meditation the thoughts stop and the brain moves into a theta frequency, which is ideal for manifesting. If meditation skills are new or unpracticed, the thought parade can be frustrating. Meditation through movement or dance might be easier.

Select an activity that truly uplifts you.

Listing all the things we are grateful for can raise our energy and increase our happiness, because it turns our attention to what is good in our lives. It opens the heart while stopping the flow of negative thoughts and worries.

What are you grateful for? Stop this very moment and list ten things that come to your mind.

  1. I am grateful for my awesome computer
  2. The warm sunny day
  3. A brilliant red orchid flower shining in the morning light
  4. Strong healthy legs moving me through the peaceful morning streets
  5. The hanging lamp above my desk constructed by my husband out of pieces of wood, brass bits and a Chinese lantern
  6. Dexterous fingers tapping the keyboard
  7. My morning smoothie
  8. An inspiring email from a colleague
  9. All the smiling photos on my Pinterest Happiness Board
  10. All of you who read my blogs
Self Care Action

Attention to the body can also shift us out of a negative mindset. Bathing, grooming, self massage, yoga, dance, music, essential oils or any other delicious sensory stimulation will allow the body to feel loved, nurtured and appreciated. When the body feels appreciated the mind relaxes.

Connecting With Others

We are social animals wired to bond with others. Humans feel safer in community — provided they weren’t hurt or traumatized by other humans. In that case, it might work better to start by connecting to animal friends.

Receiving emotional support from another is probably the quickest way to shift a mood. To maximize this method, however, it is essential to connect with people who uplift the spirit rather than affirm misery. Connecting with others is so important that I will be writing a separate blog on the subject.

Once you are in a high vibration state, it is time to take action. Focus on your goal, imagine the outcome and let the arrows fly.

With the new moon coming up this Friday, this is the perfect time to set intentions and take action. Keep in mind that this new moon is in Cancer, which is about family and self care. Enjoy the company while setting boundaries and taking time out for yourself.

Love and blessings,


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