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EventsDeath and loss are inevitable, yet few of us are prepared–spiritually, emotionally, physically or practically. Opening to the reality of change and loss provides a profound opportunity for growth and transformation. It can redefine the way we see ourselves and inform the way we live. But facing change with an open heart takes practice. Secrets of Life and Death offers these events to provide a safe and supportive place for this practice.


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Your Life Make-Over
With Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Albany Library:  1247 Marin Avenue, Albany, CA
One of the challenges that comes with major change is letting go of the way things were. Even if that way wasn’t so great it was familiar. Loss can strip you of your roles and routines and leaving you feeling unanchored. In this moment of disconnection there is a powerful opportunity for something else to emerge.

Life purpose is your reason for being, your meaning, why you exist in this three dimensional world. It is a work in progress which can change over time. Don’t ever give up. You can make a difference right up until your final breath.

We will explore the process of creating a life makeover, i.e., developing a new vision, mapping a path, and get going again. This group is for people who are ready to move powerfully into the next chapter of their life.


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Online Interviews

Living Without Regret
Transition & Thrive
Guest Interview with Host Maria Tomas-Keegan
Feb 26, 2020

Much of what we do in a day is automatic — getting up, exercising, eating. Don’t you prefer to work on the stuff you already know. New invites mistakes, time consumption, redoes, self doubt. It also offers a powerful opportunity to become creative and allow something new to emerge. 

In my interview on Transition & Thrive with Maria Tomas-Keegan, I share my own process from people-pleaser to leader. You get the whole story and the process I used to get there.


Empowering Women Transforming Lives
Spring Forward to Your Success
Guest Interview with Host Rebecca Gruyter
Feb 13, 2020

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter and her returning guests Dr. Michelle Peticolas and Cynthia Stott. These two dynamic women have a passion for helping others succeed. Listen in as they talk about the best ways to Spring Forward -advancing your business, your career, and your personal growth!


Empowering Women Transforming Lives
The Animal Legacies
Guest Interview with Host Rebecca Gruyter
Nov 14, 2019

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter for this first week of special interview series with the authors of The Animal Legacies! – to release December 3rd. This powerful anthology shares the legacies animals have had on our lives. Listen in as our authors share the imprint that their animal stories have left on them. This week, Rebecca will talk with: Kathleen Sims, Dr. Michelle Peticolas, and Tracey Dietlein.

Listen HERE.


Online Teleconferences

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