Exploration Package Special

Self-study programs that excite your curiosity, reduce your fears, and facilitate more effective action around death, caregiving and grieving.
  • A combination of heart-opening films and thought-provoking questions and exercises that encourage exploration, discovery and essential preparation for the major challenges at life’s end.
  •  Helpful tips and tools for engaging loved-ones in meaningful dialogue on end-of-life issues and concerns.
  • Experiential activities that tap into a deeper wisdom, honesty and self-awareness.
  • A self-study process enabling exploration at the right pace and level of comfort.

Each Exploration Package includes:

  • 30-minute Documentary Film: beautiful, heart-felt stories that inspire thought, reflection and honest discussion
  • Exploration Guides: exercises, questions and instructions for individual and family exploration
  • 7 minute Breath Meditation Audio to calm, embolden and support the process
  • 1-Hour Expert Interview: providing additional guidance and advanced study


Facing Death . . . with open eyes

Explore hopes, fears, beliefs and expectations around dying and identify actions to prepare for death – your own or someone else’s.

I thought of my own death my attachments, what I would miss. What is it that I would like to start or complete? What comfort can I offer to those I leave behind. When I ask myself how I will face the inevitable, I answer, ‘from all directions, given the time.
Chris Gray
Bay Area Musician

SPECIAL: $39.97* (Save $70)


Caring for Dying: the art of being present

Address important issues of caring for the dying and learn the strategies for staying present for your self and the person dying.

Evocative, Moving, Inspirational…As a side benefit, the film serves as a powerful reminder of what truly is most important in life…nurturing relationships.
Michael Stephens, MFT
Professor, JFK University

SPECIAL: $39.97* (Save $70)


The Heart of Grieving

Follow a comprehensive roadmap for transforming grief and uncovering your own path of self-discovery and rebirth.

Engaging.  Provocative. Expansive. Uplifting.  Beautifully produced.The many facets of grief so wonderfully presented and expressed! Opens ones own heart to grief unexplored and remembered!
Daniel Potapshyn, M.A.
Case Manager, ALS Association Golden West Chapter

SPECIAL: $39.97* each (Save $70)


ALL THREE KITS: $97.97* (Save $177)