Facing Death Film Reviews

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Facing Death . . . with open eyes

“Gemlike, Focused and Pure! Death can be a stunning event that tears the fabric of life, especially in a culture like ours that gives us no guidance to prepare for it. This documentary wisely avoids trying to provide answers to the challenge of death. Instead it takes a gentle and heartfelt look at some of the questions we humans have about life’s end. The film captures the mystery, awe and beauty that often surround those who have the courage to confront death face to face, with eyes and minds open. We are reminded that those who have gone before us have prepared the way so that we, should we choose to listen, might find comfort and peace on our own journey.”

~Brad Stuart MD, Senior Medical Director, Sutter Care at Home

“Death is not an easy subject to talk about in a way that does not strike fear and dread, but this film does it as we see and hear the transient beauties of falling leaves, water in motion, people changing as illness transforms them both physically and spiritually. This is a transformational, aesthetic and wise work for every one of us who is now alive, and who will one day make the journey through and beyond death.”

~Carolyn North, Author of The Experience of A Lifetime: Living Fully, Dying Consciously

“The poetic images mixed with well-crafted interviews of deep feeling and spiritually vibrant people made watching a joy.”

~Rev. Maura Singer, Spiritual Care Counselor, Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center

“I thought of my own death my attachments, what I would miss. What is it that I would like to start or complete? What comfort can I offer to those I leave behind. When I ask myself how I will face the inevitable, I answer, ‘from all directions, given the time.”

~Chris Gray, Bay Area Musician

“I have hosted many patient events at the Cancer Center and the discussion after seeing “Facing Death” was probably the most real and heartfelt dialogue between patients I have witnessed.”

~Naomi Hoffer, Program Manager, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Your film was very well received. I heard many thank yous that really belong to you. One of the participants left a handwritten note: “I found it good to see conversation on death that brought light to the subject. So many are afraid of what they don’t know.”

~Susan Mingesz, Director, Gilda’s Club, SE Wisconsin

“It was an excellent film. I enjoyed the different individuals interviewed and related to those who say illness is a new normal – but still filled with much wisdom and mindfulness of life.”

~Cancer Survivor, Cancer Support Community