Coaching Testimonials

“This program for me was a deep dive into the emotions I was not willing to examine by myself. I needed the right coach to be on my side and support me on that journey. Michelle was brilliant at that, a wise mentor, therapist and a coach, she laid out the steps I needed to take in order to move forward in my life.
I went way back into my past and addressed some unspoken issues, releasing the weight I was carrying and allowing myself to forgive and close some old chapters of my life. I reevaluated the meaning of what was happening and embraced the good, the bad and the ugly as part of my own transformational story. I felt empowered as a result of that.”

~Lira Kanaan, Life Coach


“Michelle’s program was a huge support during the profound loss of my mother. Her insightful coaching has empowered me to make valuable changes in my life – e.g. expressing my love for my mom through art, connecting to a bigger social community, and reframing my life story. The modules, group Q&A, phone calls and VIP sessions took me to a whole new level of living my life. During my work with Michelle, I took new, brave steps and my life has taken on a new vibrancy and purpose.”

~Blessing Grace Kobey


“I dreamed of committing time to reflect upon my spiritual and emotional journey. I wanted to explore my life’s purpose and deepen my understanding of certain events in my life. I had no idea that my work with Dr. Peticolas on grief and loss would also illuminate patterns that kept me from having a loving, forgiving and compassionate relationship with myself. Through Michelle’s gentle, thoughtful and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to review my life’s more darker circumstances and events and use them to make more insightful and mindful choices, not only about how I am showing up for others in my life, but more importantly, how I am showing up for myself.”

~Geraldine E. Grossman, President, MY EXECUTIVE COACH


“I reached out to Dr. Michelle Peticolas three months after my soul mate died tragically at the age of thirty-seven, the journey of grief has been a brutal one. Looking back, I was in complete shock for the better of six months despite the support systems that were in place for me–love of friends and family and shared experiences with other widows/widowers from my weekly Partner Loss Group. I thought I was doing okay even though I was still crying every day. When I signed up for the Release Your Grief and Thrive Program, I was hopeful, but honestly I had no idea how she was going to lead me to achieve the thriving part. Today I am amazed at where I am; I have come so far. I can now look to the future with anticipation. Dr. Michelle’s support and guidance gave me the tools I needed to face the challenges that came up–beyond a simplistic view of just missing my partner. When faced with harsh circumstances, we have a choice in how we struggle. She helped me through the most difficult time in my life. With her support, I was able to transform my grief into gratitude. I give Dr. Michelle the highest recommendation for anyone going through the emotional trauma of losing a loved one. My partner is not gone, he is always with me. Dr. Michelle has helped me to accept that.”

~Jeannie Lee, Doctoral Student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine



“I have lost my only daughter, confidant and intellectual partner 8 months ago.  I am missing her tremendously every second. Participation in this program helped me to be more positive and less angry on issues surrounding her departure. I am still very very sad, but I can plan and manage my life much easier in order to continue my life without the “apple of my eyes.”

~Simmin Marashi, Therapist


“While working with Michelle, I discovered she has the integrity like no other person in my entire 40+ years of experience working with other life coaches, therapists, spiritual teachers, etc.  She does what she says and sticks to her word like no other. Her boundaries are firm and straightforward, yet she bends “softly” at the right moment when I need her to hear me at a deep humane and spiritual level. After my feeling betrayed by other coaches, therapists, and yoga teachers throughout my life, Michelle has restored my faith in her as a conscientious, aware, and human healer.  That is a good start for me.”

~Name Withheld by Request


“When I first started Michelle’s program, I felt so angry and frustrated with my life. I  was still grieving the loss of my wife 5 years ago and I was stuck. But I really questioned spending the money because there are a lot of other things I could have done with it. Now that I’m finished, I can say that working with Michelle was totally worth it. I feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. I am more confident and more open with my feelings. I have a clear plan of what my next steps are and what I need to do to keep this happening. I know I’m going to be ok. ”

~Dennis Mattock, Former Police Officer


“I was going through a very traumatic life experience when I met Michelle. I had just gone through four therapists and was in despair of finding someone who could help me. I met her through the recommendation of a mutual friend. Our connection was immediate. She completely understood my pain, fear and anxiety. Slowly and with the baby steps I required, she patiently helped me overcome these challenges.

Her greatest strengths are her compassion, understanding and genuine care. She provided insightful coaching, practical exercises, relevant readings, uplifting music, spiritual texts, phone calls, group support and whatever else was needed. I have progressed a great deal and am a happier, more confidant and more complete person today.

~Anjoo Khosla, Filmmaker


“Before working with Michelle, I was struggling with past relationships and the grief around letting them go. I did not realize that in hanging on to all the painful memory, I was trying to stay connected to people who were no long a part of my present life.  As a consequence, I had no energy to put into my work and all aspects of my life were suffering. Michelle is like a wise elder sister. She helped me to celebrate my little achievements as well as the big steps. She encouraged me to believe in myself and gently and lovingly nudged me to move forward in my life, one step at a time. I am grateful that I found her when I needed her most. Her insights are full of wisdom and helped me heal my past and to let it go.”

~Snowbe Paul, Essential Oils Practitioner


“Michelle helped me deal with the untimely death of my dear friend and roommate and put her loss in a new perspective. During those dark days after her death, I felt suspended in a space between life and death and could see both dimensions. At times I wanted life and other times I wanted to cross over. I am grateful to Michelle for guiding me to channel all my emotions in a life affirming way that has empowered me to get past my heart-wrenching grief and see that I am where I am meant to be. I have started a book that encompasses many related subjects and I acknowledge Michelle for encouraging my writing as a powerful and creative way to release my deep emotions around grief and loss.”

~Deborah Staelens-Goode, Life Coach


“I appreciate all the time and energy Michelle put in to help me reach this point –the empathy she showed for my situation and my reaction to it; her calm demeanor and understanding. I’ve looked forward to our weekly meetings as spending time with a friend — a friend who has experience and knowledge to help me learn from this and enter life again.”

~Alice Dennison, Retired


“Michelle was of great help in guiding me through the grieving process. Her experience and knowledge of grief and its process, helped to validate my feelings. With her warm, sensitive and gentle approach to healing, I felt heard and understood.  She helped me to see where I was in my grieving and assisted me to take the steps I needed to move forward.  She has a novel approach to understanding grief and how it can be a transformational platform for life changes.  I strongly recommend her for her skillful and caring approach to extremely difficult life events.  She is a true gem!”

~Orah Goldman, Office Manager


“I feel very fortunate to have had Michelle as the facilitator of my grief support group. Michelle is a compassionate, knowledgeable guide who helped me enormously in the first year of my journey through grief.  She has a grounding presence, which is so important for someone whose world has just been shattered. She helped me understand and get perspective about the many upsetting experiences and feelings that accompany loss. I highly recommend her to people coping with grief.”

~ Carolyn Quinlan, Professional Development


“My session with Michelle was quite unique and revealing. She helped me understand and heal from some traumatic experiences from the past. My time spent with her also enabled me to look forward to the future without fear or uncertainty of what comes after death.
Michelle has an extremely powerful and special gift of being able to guide someone through this important process in a nurturing, supportive way. For me it was cleansing, uplifting, and empowering. I’m very pleased with the results and am recommending her to others.”

~ Beth Earle, Office Administration


“Michelle Peticolas came into my life at the exact moment it was falling apart.  My mother was dying, my brother was wrecking havoc with his alcoholism, and I was having a recurrence of a medical condition attributable to stress.  Michelle was constant and unwavering in her conviction that I had the tools to handle the obstacles in my path.  She was able to reframe difficulties into spiritual challenges.  So total is her groundedness in ecstatic tradition that she was able to lift me up beside her to soar.  Michelle’s work is a gift to the world.”

~ CAP, Attorney & Gerontologist

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