Coaching Testimonials

“In one session with Michelle, I got a lot of clarity and validation of feelings I hadn’t acknowledged before. I sensed her depth of loving understanding and full presence with me. She helped me choose actions to help myself, which have proven to be very helpful in moving forward. I know now I have someone I can turn to who doesn’t need a lot of explaining, and who will meet me right where I am.”

~ Rita Massey, Nutritional Entrepreneur


“I was in a grief group for people who lost their spouses with Michelle Peticolas.  I loved the way she facilitated the group with compassion, love, and kindness.  She didn’t use the old paradigm of control to facilitate the group.  Everyone had time to share and everyone felt heard and cared for.  She is a deep and awakened person, which I appreciated.

I felt this was the reason that I was able to move through my grief in a healthy and compassionate way and I was able to find another person to love me in a way that I have never been loved before because I learned to allow  them to love, nurture and care for me in a way that I couldn’t before this group.

I thank Michelle so much for this wonderful experience and I would recommend her either for group or individual consulting to move through grief in a positive, healthy and compassionate way.”

~ Barbara, Relationship Coach


“I appreciated the group because I learned that I was not alone in my pain. It gave me perspective. I especially like how Michelle asked questions. She was very skilled at drawing people out. It’s seamless and very valuable.”

~ Irv Starr, Retired


“I was impressed by Michelle’s ability to guide me with a few key words or comments.  The clouds would part and I was able to cut through the verbiage to more clearly recognize the root cause of ongoing stressful issues. With her guidance, I was led to more positive considerations as to how to modify or change stressful issues. She seemed to know what life is about and was capable of guiding all in the support group, even the most reticent, to open up with her approach.  I appreciated her calmness and strength.”

~ Maxine Jew, Clinical Laboratory Scientist


“I really enjoyed being in Michelle’s group. Even though the other members were much older and no one had young children like me, I found common ground with everyone and I got a lot from it.  I especially appreciated Michelle — her comfort, insights, connections, the opportunity she gave me to go deep and explore the spiritual side.  I think she’s wonderful.”

~ Lisa Thorne, Young Widow and Mother of Two


“I appreciated Michelle’s kind words and found them soothing. I also learned that it’s ok to cry. I’m Filipino and I was brought up to believe it was not ok to cry.”

~ Lea Carpenter, Retired Chemist & Program Manager


“Michelle has a very tender thoroughness that goes straight to the heart of emotional inquiry.  I felt validated and encouraged to pull the diamonds of truth from the grief still remaining. She gave me encouragement to keep moving in the direction of forgiveness.”

~Felicia Mareels, Transformational Facilitator



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