Help Your Parents


Help Your Aging Parents:

Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Even Smart Daughters Make
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
6:30 pm – 9 pm
The First Congregational Church of Berkeley

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076adjI’m Michelle Peticolas. Let’s help your parent together

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to know how to best help your parents as they age.
  • You find it difficult to think about your parents being sick and dependent.
  • You convince yourself that they’re “fine” every time you see them and then wake up in the middle of the night worrying they’re not.
  • You find your parents to be touchy when you ask about their health or finances.
  • Your parents have an estate plan and an advance healthcare directive and you assume everything is handled.
  • Your parents’ end-of-life plan is to drive off a cliff if they lose their minds. (My parents’ plan)

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At this event I’m going to take you through the most common mistakes daughters make that lead to stress, conflict and heartache when dealing with their parents. More importantly I’ll show you how to avoid these mistakes so you can start to create a workable plan for helping your parents as they grow older and move into the final phase of their life.

Here’s what you will learn :

  • Steps you can take to safeguard you aging parent
  • Questions you should be asking their doctors
  • Ways to shift from child mentality to tiger-mother mindset
  • How to discover the real meaning behind their advanced healthcare directive
  • How to start a meaningful conversation without scaring your parents away
  • Why it’s important to be their healthcare agent even if you live miles away
  • What you need to know that will make helping your parents 1000 times easier.


What others are saying about Michelle and her live workshops . . .

“I have hosted many patient events at the Cancer Center and the discussion, which Michelle facilitated, on “Facing Death” was probably the most real and heartfelt dialogue between patients I have witnessed. I could tell that these patients and caregivers were just waiting for an opportunity to talk about their thoughts, hopes and fears about death.”.
~Naomi Hoffer,
Program Manager, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

“Excellent to be able to talk about reality for all of us and especially if you have had a family member facing death within the year. Helps us to walk ourselves and others home. The more we share, the less alone we are.. .”
Facing Death Workshop, Cancer Support Community

Dr. Peticolas’s workshop on caregiving has put things in perspective. It made me realize how vulnerable patients are and how my interactions with them can affect them.”
~ Physician’s Assistant,
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

“I want to commend Michelle for putting this very special workshop together. Her passion, knowledge and spirit shine through.”
~ Participant,
Embracing the Mystery Workshop, Helen Diller Cancer Clinic


 Get ready to learn practical strategies you can use right away to start helping your parents.

I have been helping people around death and dying for over a decade and met many daughters who really wanted to help their parents but ended up burned out, resentful and full of regrets.

I know what it is like first hand. I was that smart daughter who made all three mistakes! Let me help you avoid making them too!

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