Increasing Good Luck With Clarity of Vision

Good luck is attracted by clarity of vision.

Confidence, as I explained in my last blog (see Invite Luck), is essential but not sufficient. Clarity, the details of our desires, is also needed if we are to get what we want.

The truth is we manifest luck all of the time whether we are clear or not. Unfortunately, a haphazard, unconscious approach often produces “bad” luck, the exact opposite of what we want.  According to the Law of Attraction, we create what we focus on.

If we worry all the time about what we don’t want, that is what shows up.

For those not familiar with Quantum Physics, this idea of creation by thought may be difficult to wrap one’s head around. Basically, the universe and all matter is, at the subatomic level, mostly energy — vibrating particles in vast amounts of empty space. Thought is also energy, powerful energy. When we think, the energy of our thoughts impacts the energy of the universe. That’s why mindset is so essential to healing illness and why the placebo effect is so potent and why in research experiments they have to control for researcher effects. The observer effects the observed.

Thought not only creates our interpretation of our experience, it creates the experience itself.

If what I say about thought energy is true, you may wonder why you just can’t say “ice cream cone” and have one appear in your hand. Actually, sometimes it does seem to work like that. One time on trip to Phoenix, the car broke down. A bolt had fallen out disconnecting a key element in the car’s hydraulic system. A French Citroën with hydraulic suspension, the car sunk to the ground like a deflated balloon. A flatbed truck would have been needed to transfer the car to a service station.  I searched the toolbox kept in the trunk and retrieved not one but three bolts that could solve the problem. Of course a rationalists would say they were there all the time, but even my husband, who was with me at the time, was impressed. Sometimes extreme situations can induce instant manifestations.

There are several reasons why this doesn’t always happen. First and foremost is belief. If you don’t expect it to happen, it won’t. That’s why confidence in getting what you desire is so important.

The problem is that most of us do not have very much control over our monkey minds.

We have been taught to think a particular way about this 3-dimentional world from a very early age. The thought patterns we learned are deeply entrenched. Doing the opposite of our programing can trigger fear in the body. That’s because our thought patterns were forged in the crucible of childhood survival.  The unconscious belief is that if we do not follow the programing we will die. Fear is highly unpleasant and can make trying something new a big challenge.

Mind mastery takes practice. Like practicing a headstand, we need to develop internal balance.

Creating a clear vision of what you want is a first step. It give you something to focus on — something desirable that makes you happy and distracts you from your fears and worries.

Often when I ask clients what they want they begin by telling me what they don’t want. Clear vision requires a shift in this kind of thinking. What is the opposite? If there was no fear, no pain, no self-doubt, no self-criticism, what would that be like?

Creating our true vision may require trial and error.  In other words we may have to kiss some frogs before we find the prince.

After my first husband left me, I immersed myself in spiritual work. For several years, I was not interested in relationships. Gradually that changed. I wanted casual relationships that gave me the freedom to spend 3 months or more at Sufi Camp. After a while, I got tired of the superficial, temporary relationships I had been attracting. Although they gave me freedom, they were not very satisfying. They did not provide the partnership, the trust, the deep connections I longed for. Once I was clear, I wrote it down and my husband showed up.

I find it best to go slowly and create a vision that is a little out of range but emotionally possible. Otherwise, the body/mind may sabotage the effort because of its programmed fears. Psycho-biologist Paul Gilbert gives the example of winning the lottery and then worrying about how to best invest the money or who might steal it. This kind of reaction gives a double message. You want it, but maybe you don’t really want it.

Any dream will come with its downside.

Money asks us to be responsible. Fame attracts criticism. It’s part of the journey of this life. We have to learn to flow with the bumps. The bumps can help us grow stronger, more powerful, as long as we don’t allow them to sidetrack us into our fears.

To attract good luck we begin with a vision that feels good and possible. Then we flesh it out.

  • Why do you want it?
  • What would if feel like to have it?
  • What would it enable you to do, to be or to have?

These are important questions that help us get to the core of what we really want. Then we keep thinking about our vision over and over, modifying it with new insights and self-discovery. We might create a vision board, or a Pinterest file to further activate the vision. In this way, we help the body get used to the new reality before it happens.

The research of Glen Rein and Rolling McCarty suggests that positive heart-felt emotions enhance the effect of setting an intention. So we want to ramp up the pleasure factor in our vision.

We want our vision to put a smile on our face every time we think about it.

There is a third component to attracting luck, and that is boldness. By boldness I mean taking courageous action. Confidence and vision are powerful, but even they are not enough. You have to go into the toolbox and look for the bolt and then try it out. Often luck shows up in the form of an opportunity, not a result. It is almost as though the universe is testing us to see if we are really ready. We must seize the opportunity when it appears. Or wait for the next time.

In my next blog we will take a closer look what is involved in taking bold action.

*   *   *

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