Mastering the Challenge of Change


Recently, I had to buy a NEW computer. I had to. I committed to finishing the fourth film in the Secrets of Life and Death documentary series (working title: Life After Loss) and my old Mac Pro just isn’t up to the task.

A new super-duper, high-powered iMac arrived at my home about a month ago. As of last weekend, it was still in its box. Well. . . I was out of town much of that time. But when I finally returned, the computer remained untouched for another five days!!

My husband says that an undesirable task looming on the horizon (for him its preparing an income tax statement) is a great motivator for getting OTHER things done. I was amazingly productive. I cleared my desk, vacuumed my office and reorganized a whole bookcase. Old dried up pens and paper went into recycling.

My reluctance to tackle the new computer is understandable. It’s my lizard brain acting up. The lizard is that portion of the brain known as the brain stem which harkening back to our evolutionary ancestors and a simpler time. It hosts a multitude of automatic systems that enable quick response to physical stress including the fight, flee or freeze reaction to threat.

CHANGE, of course, is threatening to the lizard mind.

Change changes the equation!! The lizard must be hyper alert lest it be gobbled up because of its failure to adapt correctly to the new circumstance.

Lizard flees threat - Mastering the Challenge of Change

Of course, we humans have an advantage over the lizard. We have a cerebral cortex to INTERPRET the situation and strategize how to respond. We can apply symbolic reasoning and logic. Often, however, our thinking makes things worse — resulting in a lot of unnecessary stress over relatively benign situations such as not knowing how to turn off the Apple Voice Assistant.

I know I’m not going to die from this, but the fear of setting my computer up wrong with errors telescoping endlessly into the future has me worried. The computer has become an essential part of modern survival, hence the stress.

My assumption was that switching computers would be nightmare.

This assumption fed my resistance. An alternative view that this new computer is a phenomenal technological advancement and an awesome gift—was also available. So I began to think of that huge box as a Christmas present and I was able to open it.

What’s really interesting about this mind shift was what happened next. Just as I was trying to figure out the best way to transfer the data from the old computer to the new one, I got a surprise visit from my husband’s friend Chris, a computer geek who happens to work at Apple. His timely arrival made the computer set up ten times easier. He even turned off the Apple Voice. Talk about synchronicity and law of attraction!!!

We live in difficult times for our poor little lizard brains.

Life is complicated and things are changing all the time — computers, the internet, politics, global chaos, the cost of living, how to do business, body weight, the stock market, age, income and especially the weather. How we make sense of or interpret these changes has a big impact on how we feel and how the inner lizard reacts.

One of my favorite frameworks for making sense of change is astrology.

Right now, the planets are warning us to expect major changes in the new year; in fact we’ve been experiencing major changes for the last two years. When we interpret astrology signs in the right way, we can actually flow more easily with the changes and experience them as beneficial

I can’t explain the astrology myself, but my dear friend and colleague Marina Ormes can and will on JANUARY 1st.

She is doing a 2015 New Year’s Day Personal and Planetary Intention-Setting event to help us get the year off to a great start.


During this free live global teleconference, Marina will guide us in setting our intentions for 2015 and show us how to use some game-changing tools.

Join us and learn:

  •    Three powerful keys to manifesting change so you are living your highest potential.
  •     What makes old energy patterns repeat in ways that do not serve you.
  •     How natural cycles of change support you in the joyful unfolding of your life purpose.

When you sign up, you immediately receive her free gift: What Is My Vision? — a surprisingly revealing exercise in pdf format for identifying what is truly important to you and what you want to create in 2015.

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She may not be able to help us to set up new computers, but her astrological readings can help us with a more empowering framework for facing it and other challenges in our lives.

Hope to see you there.


Dr. Michelle Peticolas
Grief and Loss Transformation Specialist
Secrets of Life and Death

P.S. With more than 20 years of experience in astrology and holistic approaches to healing and manifestation, Marina is one of those rare experts with an uncanny ability to help you shift your perspective so you can immediately experience a more authentic and heart-centered reality.

She only does this event once a year, and I highly recommend it.

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