Mystery and Magic of Life and Death Series

Exploration into the esoteric aspects of living and dying.


How We Can Create Reality on Purpose Using Moon Cycles 

with Marina Ormes

Thursday, August 15

5:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Eastern

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Marina with cherry tree

Secrets of Life and Death and host Michelle Peticolas, Ph.D. presents:

How We Can Create Reality on Purpose Using Moon Cycles

with guest Marina Ormes
board certified holistic nurse and an evolutionary astrologer


What people are saying about Marina Ormes, creator of Astrology Heals:

Marina, You are ‘spot on’. This week was a taxing to say the least. Experienced technological difficulty, confrontation, betrayal, and a few more juicy happenings. Yet, I stayed ‘in flow’ knowing the best is yet to come as a result of your program! … This stuff is ‘ancient’ knowledge- Everyone needs to have some knowledge around what Marina teaches! Wealth of knowledge after years of study – highly recommend.
June Kellogg, Pittstown, NJ

Tuning into this monthly rhythm is brilliant. Once while doing one of the exercises I had a vivid out of body experience…just lovely…thanks for facilitating!
Katherine Willow, Toronto, ON

What people are saying about the Mystery and Magic of Life and Death Series:

The teleconference was wonderful. You did a great job of moderating and asking all the right questions.
Daniel Drasin, film maker

Thank you very much for sending me the recording of such profound teleconference. Too much to reflect and think about, really we are closer to the other side than we can realize, but is not easy to see clearly the big picture, sometimes I feel as though in this life we are following breadcrumbs in the woods, I appreciate very much you and your work.
Guillermo Garcia

About Michelle Peticolas, Ph.D.

Grief transformation specialist, filmmaker, sociologist and sought-after speaker, Michelle Peticolas is dedicated to shifting the way people think and deal with death. In response to the loss of her own parents, she produced the three-part documentary film series, Secrets of Life and Death, to encourage dialogue and exploration of end-of-life issues. Her award-winning series is being used in workshops and trainings for hospitals, cancer organizations, hospices, educational institutions and community groups throughout the United States. In her private practice as a grief transformation coach, Michelle helps people discover the new life possibilities contained within loss. Her work weaves together her spiritual and mystical Sufi training and her own practical, life-embracing approach to crisis and change.