"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."


– Marianne Williamson


You Are Invited to:
Release Your Brilliance

Virtual 5-week Brilliance Manifestation Playshop



Unblock Your Authentic Power



Align Your Body



Banish Limiting Beliefs














Are you ready to release your brilliance?



Tame your fears and master you mind?



Practice self-care and compassion?



Create more ease, confidence and life balance?







Claim the ease, confidence and

life balance  that is your birthright.



**For Leaders and Change-makers**






noun  the state of being brilliant
Shining Brightly


In this brilliance manifestation playshop you will:

    Amplify your passion, purpose and vision


    Release emotional blocks to brilliance


    Transform limiting beliefs




    The Curriculum:

    Tues. Jan 2, 2018
    Tues. Jan 9, 2018

    Identify and align with your soul’s purpose

    Learn practices to raise your energy and creative power

    Raise your attraction vibration




    Tues. Jan 16, 2018

    Tues. Jan 23, 2018

    Release old wounds and traumas in 2 min or less

    Identify and transform disempowering thoughts

    Activate body-mind harmony




    Tues. Jan 30, 2018

    Change overwhelm patterns

    Engage body brilliance

    Attract your support team









      This Playshop is for you if . . .


    You are ready to face your fears and claim your brilliance.


    You want more ease, confidence and balance in your life.


    You want better integration between your passion and your life work.


    You want to feel the support of a tribe of passionate women.


    You need the structure of a weekly program to keep you on task and in alignment with your vision.




    ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉
    "Through Michelle’s gentle, thoughtful and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to review my life’s more darker circumstances and events and use them to make more insightful and mindful choices, not only about how I am showing up for others in my life, but more importantly, how I am showing up for myself."
    ~Geraldine E. Grossman, Executive Coach
    ❉  ❉  ❉

    "Her greatest strengths are her compassion, understanding and genuine care. She provided insightful coaching, practical exercises, relevant readings, uplifting music, spiritual texts, phone calls, group support and whatever else was needed. I have progressed a great deal and am a happier, more confidant and more complete person today."

    ~Anjoo Khosla, Filmmaker


    ❉  ❉  ❉


    She encouraged me to believe in myself and gently and lovingly nudged me to move forward in my life, one step at a time. I am grateful that I found her when I needed her most. 

    ~Snow Paul , Essential Oils Practitioner  


    ❉  ❉  ❉


    "I feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. I am more confident and more open with my feelings. I have a clear plan of what my next steps are and what I need to do to keep this happening. I know I’m going to be ok."
    ~Dennis Mattock, Former Police Officer


    ❉  ❉  ❉

    "I had dreamed of being true to myself in life and following my dreams, but I had no idea how I was or wasn’t doing that on a regular basis. Then I met Michelle and a huge door opened for me."
    ~Jill Cheval
    ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉  ❉











    Dr. Michelle Peticolas

    is a national speaker and expert on the topics of loss, emotional wounding and unresolved grief. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology and over 18 years experience coaching people through major life challenges.



    She produced the award-winning 3-part documentary series, Secrets of Life and Death and leads workshops and presentations for organizations throughout Northern California, including UCSF, JFK University, UC Berkeley, and The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.



    She has appeared on Voice America’s Leadership Stars, KDIA’s Aging By The Bay, KPFA’s Women’s Magazine and Money 1055’s Rush Hour. She is a featured author in the soon-to-be-released anthology: Breaking Barriers.