Success Activation Through Inspired Action


The best way to achieve success is through inspired action, i.e. action dictated from the heart, or spirit, or source.

When you feel stuck regarding what you should do — leave a job or partner, a psychotherapist or coach, consider whether your indecision is resistance to doing something new or a desire to persist in what you are already doing.


In general, the body does not like change. Change introduces the unknown, uncertainty and risk. Mistakes are more likely when facing the unknown. They may result in the loss of relationships, money, security, and could even cause injury or death. The body will send you all kinds of warning messages — No, don’t do that! and flood you with images of worst case scenarios!

When you make a choice, the other options are lost. Perhaps you hesitate because of what you will be giving up. Your mind, in league with the body will comes up with reasons for all your choices so that you get stuck in confusion. Action is postponed.

To get past resistance, you need only take a single step in one direction. I’m a big proponent of little steps, although on occasion a bold move may be required. 


But wait, what if you are only 4 feet from the gold! If you change course you might miss out on the big payload just like so many miners back in the gold rush. Could choosing this new course be simply chasing after the next bright shinny object? Are you being impatient or impulsive?  

How can you know whether you are being resistant or persistent?

Know Your Pattern

As children we learn behavior patterns to survive our imperfect parents. Maybe they were over-protective, or hyper-critical, neglectful or even abusive. It’s not their fault. They learned their parenting patterns from their own imperfect parents.  Any of these patterns will trigger a survival response from the child. Children need love, touch and encouragement in addition to food, clothing and shelter. The survival patterns enable them to survive but can also hold them back from taking action, from fulfilling their potential.

Some of the learned survival patterns are being pleasing, always perfect, having to get it right, seeking approval, staying in control and controlling others. Thoughts like “you’re too old, too young, inexperienced, not smart enough, pretty, confident, worthy, safe can immobilize you if you let them. The inner child is triggered and afraid. Calm the body and then listen to your heart.

If you have been thinking about change, notice the trigger. Does is come from a place of avoidance or toward a vision? Fear is not a good place to take action because you are operating from the lower brainstem which is not the most intelligent part of your brain. 

Taking Action

When you take action you set the universe into motion. Whatever happens as a consequence of your action is valuable information. There is no failure. As Thomas Edison put when his thousandth attempt failed, “Ah, another way not to make a lightbulb.”

Success is a great motivator. It can clear up you insecurities and reservations in a heartbeat. Remember, however, that success is a feeling state not an objective result. When you cultivate the success mind, all actions are successful. You actually learn more from your mis-takes. Of course if you have been brought up as so many of us were, to get it right and be perfect, this is a challenging thought to adopt

Beware of half-assed or self-sabotaging action. A fearful inner child may be trying to disrupt your efforts. Speak to this child and discover what is the problem. That is the work I do with my clients. I teach them to body listen. It’s amazing what is revealed.

Courage and Trust

Courage comes from the French word coeur, which means heart. Learn to listen to your heart. Recognize the feeling you have when you are in alignment — that fullness that expands to fill the room. This is your brilliance, your spirit speaking to you. 

Here are some ways to recognize your heart:

  • Think about a time when you completed a satisfying project. That is the feeling you want.
  • Think about a time when the universe came to your support and made magic happen. That is the feeling you want.
  • Notice how you feel when you are playful, creative, joyous and content. That is the feeling you want.
  • Seek a spiritual state where you know without a doubt that bigger forces are at work and that you can trust all will be well. That is the feeling you want.

It is in this state of the open heart that you discover inspired action.

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