Avoiding the Whirlwind of Regret

The #1 regret of the dying  is not living a life true to one’s self, but instead living the life others expected of you. The 2nd regret is working too hard. Living without regret means: Attending to your own needs before helping others — like the oxygen mask on an airplane. Learning to moderate you […]

Uplifting Social Connections

Our social connections have a powerful effect on our ability to achieve what we desire. Social connections are the 4th essential element of Luck and the container that holds the other three: Confidence, Vision, and Action. In Lucky Inner Connection, we looked at beliefs and thoughts that came from our childhood relationships and continue to […]

The Practice of Manifesting-Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote down the words “blogtalk radio” on a to-do list. I had just finished listening to an interview about near-death experiences and thought it might be a good venue for my own work. The very next day, I received an invitation from Uma Girish to speak on her blogtalk show […]

Manifesting Mastery – part 1

Some people seem particularly gifted in the art of manifesting. While the rest of us work hard, struggle, and often show small results for our efforts, these magical beings seem capable of getting whatever they want with surprising ease. They inspire our envy, often our dismissal — Some people have all the luck! But inside, don’t […]