Changing Time

September Summer is over! School buses crowd the morning streets. Remember how that felt when we were children? Paradise lost! Similar feelings arise in me as I mentally gear up for the faster pace of Autumn. “Wait!!!, My soul cries, “I am already moving at warp speed!” This is the way of the modern world. […]

Allowing Time

In last month’s blog I explored the practice of self-care as a way to nurture the seedlings of our life, e.g. work, relationships, kids, creative endeavors. Nurturing these seedlings helps to ensure a bountiful garden. When we approach them only with our minds, we cut out a vital part of the equation. The universe, you […]

A Remedy for Too Much Busyness!

I have a cold. It’s a good sign that I’ve been pushing myself too hard. My body is telling me in no uncertain terms to take a break and slow down. Naturally, I resisted for the first two days, so my body turned up the volume and yesterday I couldn’t do anything. Illness is a […]

Bonding Grief

All living creatures come equipped with some form of a distress signaling system. It is a matter of survival and happiness. In his book Buddha Brain, psychologist Rick Hansen described three evolutionary stages of the brain that provide different signaling systems: the Brain Stem, the Limbic System and the Neocortex. Each of these brains focuses […]