Transforming Loss: From Surviving to Thriving

I am celebrating the launch of my new Secrets of Life and Death Website and new grief coaching program Transforming Loss: From Surviving to Thriving. To celebrating the launch I am hosting three teleconference calls on grief and transformation and giving away prizes and gifts. 


Launch Date: May 23, 2013



Free Teleconference Calls

1.       April 18, 5:30 pm PST
         Laughter in the Face of Tears

           Guest Speaker: Nancy Weil
           (recording available)

2.      May 16, 5:30 pm PST
         Healing Dreams and the Dead

           Guest Speaker: Lael Gold, Ph.D.

3.       May 23, 5:30 PST
          Loss and Self-discovery

            Speaker: Michelle Peticolas, Ph.D.


Special Drawing:


Additional Gifts:

Secrets of Life and Death: 
Path of Forgiveness: 
  • 5-minute Forgiveness Tools
  • Walking the Path of Forgiveness e-book
  • Healing Your Life After Cancer Through Forgiveness-audio mp3
The Laugh Academy: 
  • 10 Secrets to finding your inner happiness
  • Bandages for Your Heart DVD
Productive Slumber: 
  • Your Dream, Take Two (dream reentry guide)