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You In Power:

Being the Change You Desire

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Wednesday, April 10 at 6:00pm (PST)





Are you tired of the way things are?
Do you dream of something much better?
Are you ready to live and die without regret?





In these turbulent times there is a call for a new kind of leadership, one in which we all play a part. We can no longer afford to wait for a hero to ride in on his white charger and save us. The solution to all our problems is within each of us. Learn three essentials for stepping into your true power and creating your heart’s desire.








“As a result of your program I can tap into my personal power pretty fast. As I appreciate these qualities, I gain a sense of self-worth that’s been missing much of my life.”

~Sue Hummel



“You have been an angel. You have a thorough program that I have leaned on in the dawn of the night when all is quiet and still.”

~Mary N.