Caring for Dying Film Reviews

“It was great listening to patient/family stories, seeing a common theme, the closeness shared, personal growth, allowing someone to die on their own terms, in their own environment.”

~Carolyn Berson, RN, John Muir Health Cancer Institute

‘This has put things in perspective. It made me realize how vulnerable the patients are and how my interactions with them can affect them.”

~Medical Assistant, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, CA

“Evocative, Moving, Inspirational…As a side benefit, the film serves as a powerful reminder of what truly is most important in life…nurturing relationships.”

~Michael Stephens, MFT, Professor, JFK University

“This film makes an effective case for more openness, intimacy, and presence throughout the experience of death for both the dying and the living. The frankness and eloquence of the three caregivers and Dr. Peticolas communicate the importance of seeking a more satisfying approach to death than the fear and avoidance too prevalent in our culture.”

~Liz Ruhland, Library Manager, Kensington Library

“This short film packs a lot of provocative material into a little less than 30 minutes. Would make an excellent discussion starter for groups wanting to explore end of life care from either the patient or caregiver point of view.”

 ~Blaine Waterman, Film & Television Specialist
, San Francisco Public Library