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Empowering Women Transforming Lives

Spring Forward to Your Success

Guest Interview with Host Rebecca Hally Gruyter
Feb 13, 2020

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter and her returning guests Dr. Michelle Peticolas and Cynthia Stott. These two dynamic women have a passion for helping others succeed. Listen in as they talk about the best ways to Spring Forward -advancing your business, your career, and your personal growth!



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The Wave

Jan/Feb. 2017
Darkness into Light by Michelle Peticolas, The Wave, Jan/Feb. 2017 Issue. Page 14-15.
There will be good times and hard times. The secret of happiness is to learn to flow with the rhythm of this cycle and not let the hard times get you down. Of course, sometimes this is a lot easier said than done. I know this from experience. Read More on Page 14.


Media Reviews Online

September 8, 2011
Review by Gerald Notaro
A personal loss of her parents motivated filmmaker Michelle Peticolas to produce a series of three films, The Secrets of Life and Death, of which this DVD is the last. . ..Read More

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Empowering Women Transforming Lives Step into Your Brilliance: Special Author Series

Guest Interview with Host Rebecca Hally Gruyter

September 17, 2019
55 minutes

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter for our special interview series with the authors of Step into Your Brilliance to release September 17th. This powerful anthology encourages readers to recognize their brilliance. Listen in as our authors give you a peek into some of their insight on embracing and stepping fully into your briliance! This week, Rebecca will talk with: Dr. Michelle Peticolas, Nina Heikkila, Hedda Adler, and Michelle Calloway.



Modern Love Podcast

Guest Interview with Host Dr. Brenda Wade

August 28, 2019
55 minutes

Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Discover why it is so important to be living your purpose, why you don’t want to wait one more minute, why the universe is waiting for you.

Click play to listen.


Empowering Women, Transforming Lives: Fall into Balance

Michelle Peticolas interview with Host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter

August 1, 2019
55 minutes

Voice of America Internet Radio: Michelle discusses with host Rebecca, how loss and emotional wounds throws us out of balance and what to do about it.



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Why You Need to Heal Emotional Wounds From Childhood

“Heal Childhood Emotional Wounds”

“Michelle explains how childhood emotional traumas can hold you back from living your purpose, sharing your gifts and enjoying you short and precious life.”

See all Dr. Michelle’s Facebook Live videos HERE


Toastmasters Time TV

“Lessons in Leadership”

January 8, 2019
“Michelle Peticolas: Shares the three keys to authentic leadership she learned in a leadership role. Learn how she connects, inspires and motivates her people to take action.”


RHG TV Network

“Lessons Being Brilliant: 3 Keys to Stepping into Your Power ”

Listen HERE.

January 8, 2019
“Dr. Michelle Peticolas (Secrets of Life and Death) shares how we can step into our brilliance….and fully live without regrets. Be encouraged, inspired, and empowered to embrace all of who you are and all that you are called to bring forth. “


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