Is it hard to imagine your parents dying?

Does having “the conversation” make you want to run?

Are you super-busy or sick when parent health issues arise?

Is the burden of caregiving freaking you out?


ICU-wideI was like this when my parents were dying. I was suffering from:




Huge portions of our medicare dollars are thrown at death in the last years of a person’s life. People are pressured to fight on until the bitter end — regardless of the consequence to their comfort, desire or spiritual need.

Death denial causes over-medicalization, miscommunication, confusion and avoidance.

Worst of all, death denial undermines the healing and intimacy a person longs for in the face of death — a healing that could make loss more bearable.

A healing that could avoid the regrets and remorse.

I’ve been there. That’s why I spent ten years producing three films that encourage dialogue around death. That is why I joined hospice and became a grief coach. That is why I am dedicating all my time, education, experience and energy to eradicating the planetary fear of dying.


That’s why I created a new, totally unique, completely ground-breaking webinar series:


Empower Yourself Around Death and Dying

6-Session Live Webinar Series

Starting June 19, 2014
5:30 pm PST


JUNE 6, 2014

See Schedule Below


Transform the way you think and deal with death.
Become more full present for your loved-ones when they most need you.



Firebird paint onlyIn this program you will: 

  • DISCOVER the beliefs and feelings that hinder being present, and LEARN ways to transform them.
  • REVIEW and REVISION your own life story so that you can help your parents in completing theirs.
  • FACE old wounds, lost hopes and forgotten dreams that can undermine presence, through a powerful process of healing and releasing.
  • EXPLORE the intended meaning behind advanced healthcare directives and DECIDED what more you should know.
  • CONSIDER new resources, ideas and paradigms for life and death that will excite your curiosity and revitalize your beliefs so you can talk with ease when the “conversation” comes up.


Want to know more? Watch the free intro webinar:

3 Mistakes Even Smart Daughters Make That Keep Them Worried About Their Aging Parents



Program Includes:


6-Session Live Webinar Series (Value $995)
Buddy Registration (Value $995)
1-hour Private Coaching (Value $150)
Facing Death . . . with open eyes Film & Study Guide (Value $110)
Heart of Grieving Film & Study Guide (Value $110)
Monitored Facebook Group (Value $900)
Workshop Slide and Recordings (Value $300)









JUNE 6, 2014

Pay in Full


(for first 10 to register)





Pay in 3

Monthly Installments


(for first 10 to register)



What others are saying about Michelle and her live workshops . . .

“I have hosted many patient events at the Cancer Center and the discussion, which Michelle facilitated, on “Facing Death” was probably the most real and heartfelt dialogue between patients I have witnessed. I could tell that these patients and caregivers were just waiting for an opportunity to talk about their thoughts, hopes and fears about death.”.
~Naomi Hoffer,
Program Manager, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

“Excellent to be able to talk about reality for all of us and especially if you have had a family member facing death within the year. Helps us to walk ourselves and others home. The more we share, the less alone we are.. .”
Facing Death Workshop, Cancer Support Community

Dr. Peticolas’s workshop on caregiving has put things in perspective. It made me realize how vulnerable patients are and how my interactions with them can affect them.”
~ Physician’s Assistant,
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

“I want to commend Michelle for putting this very special workshop together. Her passion, knowledge and spirit shine through.”
~ Participant,
Embracing the Mystery Workshop, Helen Diller Cancer Clinic



Course Outline and Schedule:


June 19
Class One: Facing Death

Uncover and explore the foundations of beliefs, feelings and fears about death and dying. 

 July 3
Class Two: Life Map

Review and revision life’s milestones and turning points to see the whole picture and life arc. Envision what is next and what is essential for completion.

July 17
Class Three:  Our Unfinished Business

Release and heal old wounds, past mistakes, and unfulfilled dreams and promises.

July 17
Class Four:  Practical Preparation

Communicate wishes for care, end-of-life and after death that enables clarity and harmony. 

Aug. 14
Class Five: Footprints and Heartprints

Identifying life’s legacy and best ways to pass it on.

Aug. 28
Class Six: Embracing the Mystery

Discover new stories about life, death and purpose.



About Michelle Peticolas, Ph.D

076adjSociologist, filmmaker, grief transformation specialist, and sought-after speaker, Dr. Peticolas is dedicated to shifting the way people deal with death. In response to the loss of her own parents, she produced the three-part documentary film series, Secrets of Life and Death, to encourage dialogue and exploration of end-of-life issues. She teaches workshops all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Her award-winning series is being used in educational institutions, hospitals, hospices, cancer organizations, and community groups throughout the United States and Canada.