Facing Death – Self Study Package


This page will expire on July 31st. Download your files as soon as possible.


All items in this package are downloadable digital files. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this could take several minutes or even hours. For the film and audio files a white screen will appear. This means that the file is loading. You must keep this page open while it is downloading, but by using browser tabs you can go to other websites at the same time. When the loading is complete a film or audio player will appear and you can begin to play it or download the file to  your computer.

Special tip for Mac Users: To save the file click on the file menu and choose “Save Page As” and select a location on your computer harddrive.

Special tip for PC Users: Right click on the player and save file to a location on your computer harddrive.


1. Digital Film: Access Here
Passcode: FDPack

After entering your code you can view the film online. The download button is under the film description. 

2. Facing Death . . . with open eyes Exploration Guide: Access Here.
3. Breath Manifestation Meditation Audio: Access Here
4. Audio Recording of Fruitful Aging with Tomas Pinkson: Access Here