Facing Death . . . with open eyes

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Stunned by the loss of both her parents and by the lack of cultural dialogue, the filmmaker turns the camera on herself and four wise souls to explore the personal and spiritual possibilities of facing death with open eyes.


People in the film:

Robin Inman facing death with open eyes

Newly divorced and ready to set the world on fire in her forties, she is struck out-of-the-blue by a rare and incurable disease that can kill her at any time.




facing death with open eyesTighe Foley

Young, beautiful and living in the Castro, he tests positive for the Virus. He tries the new drugs, the new therapies, the new Yoga positions, but after eight years, he’s had enough.




rick-on-road2LgRick Fields

Author of several books on Zen Buddhism and editor of Yoga Journal, he has his spiritual practice put to the test when he is diagnosed with lung cancer.






Ram Dassfacing death with open eyes

An accomplished public speaker, author and modern pioneer of conscious dying, he finds his life drastically changed when a stroke damages the speech center of his brain and leaves him partially paralyzed.