Grief Transformation: from surviving to thriving

9 Coaching Sessions


Transform the way you think and deal with loss.
Discover the new life that is waiting for you.

In this 9-session program, you will be shepherd  through a unique process where grief is treated not as the problem but as the catalyst for awakening to a new vision and new life. Pain, sorrow, meltdowns, confusion, loss of energy, loneliness, lack of concentration and fear of the future are addressed and resolved as you gain a better understanding of your loss, heal wounds and renew vitality. You will discover your own hero’s journey with its challenges, battles, wounds and wins and an awesome treasure at the end—your happiness and re-engagement in life.


One Payment of



HobjiandrabbitThis program is for you if:

  • You are devastated by the loss of someone close.
  • You feel confused, frightened, and abandoned in dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of your loss.
  • You struggle with loss of energy and focus, ability to accomplish things or to handle the demands of others.
  • You feel immobilized by a feeling of hopelessness.
  • It is difficult to imagine a positive future for yourself.
  • You ready to consider a whole new approach to grief and loss.




3 Payment Options

Pay in 3

Monthly Installments



Firebird paint onlyIn this program you will:

  • SURRENDER to loss and DISCOVER peace.
  • EXPLORE the emotional landscape and IDENTIFY effective strategies for coping with grief.
  • CREATE physical habits to support healing.
  • FACE old wounds, lost hopes and forgotten dreams through a powerful process of healing and releasing.
  • REVIEW and REFRAME disempowering stories that cause immobility.
  • ENVISION the new life possibility.



About Michelle Peticolas, Ph.D

076adjSociologist, filmmaker, grief transformation specialist, and sought-after speaker, Dr. Peticolas is dedicated to shifting the way people deal with death. In response to the loss of her own parents, she produced the three-part documentary film series, Secrets of Life and Death, to encourage dialogue and exploration of end-of-life issues. She teaches workshops all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Her award-winning series is being used in educational institutions, hospitals, hospices, cancer organizations, and community groups throughout the United States and Canada.