Freeing the Creative Power of the Fool

April 1st – April Fool’s Day. The Fool inspired this month’s illustration. The Fool is the perfect next step to last month’s blog: A Leap of Trust.

Frog & Hobji Play Together - Freeing the Creative Power of the Fool

In the Tarot, the Fool is the first card in the deck. The number zero. It represents the individual at the outset of the journey. The Fool is innocent, spontaneous, trusting and optimistic. It is this innocent optimism that helps at the start of any project.

The Fool Archetype was operating back in 1998 when I made the decision to create a documentary film on death after my parents died. I really had no idea how I would accomplish it. I had no camera, no crew, no experience and no money. Had I known what was involved, I probably would never have started.

Innocence and optimism are the fool’s greatest strengths because they endear him/her to others and help gain support on the quest. I attracted a digital camera, a director of photography, an awesome editor and the perfect music composer along with many helpers and supporters.

The Fool is an archetypal character who appears in many cultural traditions. The fool maybe be ostracized as the Village Idiot, but he/she can see and do things others cannot. Often coupled with the King, the fool balances his dignity and properness with outrageous silliness and levity that often has wisdom at its core. Too much dignity and properness can keep us from our inspirational source and creative solutions.

Our inner child, our foolish, optimistic innocence keeps us fluid and imaginative.

The Fool, of course has it’s shadow side. It may fail to heed important warning and can be blind to it’s weaknesses and illusions. But it is a great balancer for someone who doggedly pushes forward to make something happen without taking time to enjoy the process.

The Fool or Inner Child can also help us with our losses. It reminds us that sometimes it is OK to be distracted from the pain — to play and laugh and have a good time even when we hurt.

The Inner Child is at the core of our feelings of abandonment and survival after loss and also the key to our healing. When we let the Inner Child both cry and laugh, when we heed it’s instinctive needs, emotional energy is released and transformation can occurs.

Often the griever finds him/herself on a whole new life journey. Again the Inner Child is there to guide us. As we fumble through unknown territory, learning new skills and finding our way, our child-like self-centered focus — one of the gifts of grief — allows us to uncover what we really need and who we really are.

Playfulness is the best way to stimulate the creativity, innocence and healing power of the Inner Child/Fool.

How do you play? Here are some ideas:

  1. Spend some time with a flesh and blood child of 6 and under
  2. Improv
  3. Dance
  4. Music Jam
  5. Draw with your non-dominant hand
  6. Play a board game like Parchessi or Monopoly with friends or family.
  7. Charades
  8. Color in a coloring book, alone or with friends.
  9. Create an abstract drawing with others.
  10. Tell a group story in which each person takes a turn adding one sentence or phrase to the story
  11. Go on a picnic
  12. Fly a kite
  13. Play a skill game like bachi ball or volleyball without keeping score
  14. Play Madlibs
  15. Converse with someone through puppets or stuffed animals
  16. Converse through gibberish with hand gestures and voice tone
  17. Read a children’s book out loud to another
  18. Read children’s verses or rhymes out loud to another
  19. Pick a bouquet of flowers from your garden
  20. Get into a tickle or pillow fight
  21. Bounce on a trampoline
  22. Make puns or sharing silly jokes
  23. Dress up in a disguise and go to a party
  24. Bake cookies

Are you inspired? Please post your own ideas in the comments section below and/or share what happens when you try out one of these suggestions.


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