Apply Oxygen to Caregiver First

Frog breath -Caregiver FirstSo many things can work against our efforts to care for ourselves while caring for aging loved ones. Being too busy is a big one. There are often numerous medical appointments. The house may need alterations. There is new equipment to buy, research to be done, help to be coordinated. Plus there are all the ordinary demands of daily life. When crisis happens, everything get magnified and accelerated. Being present to one’s self, to one’s own needs, is hard to achieve under these circumstances.

It is wise to remember the airline rule to put the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others.

Taking care of the caregiver is essential. If he/she burnouts, who will step in? When the caregiver is calm, rested, fed, and clear, better decisions are likely to be made and fewer mistakes. The caregiver is then able to attend to the most important need—being present to the one needing his/her care.

The easiest and most immediate action to take is to BREATHE — deep, slow, releasing breaths.

Deep breathing gets oxygen into the brain and creates an opportunity to check inside. It’s the pause that refreshes.

  • Breathe deeply just before going through any door.
  • Breath when the heart is racing.
  • Breath when there is frustration and an urge to scream and shout.
  • Breathe when in the morning at wake-up and at night before sleep.
  • Breathe when stuck in traffic or waiting in line.
  • Breathe when hearing bad news.
  • Breathe because the breath is shallow.
  • Breathe because it feels good and centers.

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