Embracing Love’s Challenges

The month of February bring us love and revolution. On Valentine’s Day, we pay special tribute to that human desire to bond and connect. The full moon in Aquarius, however, brings change and transformation. A significant relationship inevitably contains some of both.

Loving another human is a journey with many challenges. It may start in playfulness and joy but soon enough it will takes us into unknown territory full of unexpected twists and turns.

Rabbits enter tunnel of love - Challenges

While the desire for connection is programmed into our DNA, the behaviors of connection are not. They are learned from our parents, culture and direct experience. Unfortunately, these are not always our best teachers.

Most people come to their significant relationships with a lot of baggage. The love wounds of childhood and past encounters encourage us to hold back, to give too much, to worry, argue, plead and despair. We are taught to be strong and protect our vulnerability so we don’t get hurt. But this tough shell can make intimacy, the special sauce of love, difficult to achieve.

Intimacy is a complex dance of both practiced steps and artful improvisation. Mastery only comes through learning and effort, from letting go of what no longer works and trying out something new.

Yet, many prefer to stay the same because it creates the illusion of safety, of knowing what to expect and also because it is habit.

Loss, illness or death, which are an inescapable part of the journey of love, will change everything in an instant. Like a bombshell they decimate our sense of safety and knowing. However, within the chaotic aftermath, there is a unique opportunity to discover something new.

Change, that which we try so hard to resist, is really our best friend, and the best friend of intimate relationships. It forces us to release our white-knuckled grip on the familiar and take stock of where we are.

All grief, all losses are linked to a fundamental need for love that resides at the core of our being. When we use grief as a gateway, treat it with curiosity and attention, we may begin to unpack the old baggage, heal deep wounds and start to reclaim a self more open to intimacy and love.

It is difficult to do this alone. Habit and set ways of perceiving things, attachments to the past, and catastrophic stories about the future get in the way. We often need guidance to get us through the unexpected twists and turns.

For those of you struggling with the transformational challenges posed by our Aquarian new moon, I’d like to offer a special Valentine’s Day gift, a complementary Grief and Loss Breakthrough Sessions to explore the behaviors and beliefs that have been limiting you. In this hour-long phone call we will take a look at where you are with loss and grief, where you want to be and what is stopping you from getting there. You will go away with some resources you can use right away

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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