Mission of the Heart

Hobji shares his mission of the heart

Mission come from the Latin word missionem which means “to send.” We come into this life with a mission — to fulfill our purpose, to share our unique gifts.

Many people are confused about what their true mission is. It is actually very simple:

Your mission is to share who you truly are! Be yourself!

Being yourself is not always so simple. Many of us were raised to be anything but who we are. We were taught to please, to perform, to accommodate, to achieve and to focus on fulfilling the expectations of others.

One of the best ways to discover who you truly are is by doing the things you love to do, the things that uplift you and bring you joy. What have you done today that is uplifting and makes you happy?

Sometimes your emotions and thoughts might confuse you about which actions truly bring joy. You might, for example, feel great after doing something for another. Authentic uplifting action comes from love. Pleasing and accommodating action is about getting love. You will know it is the latter if you feel anger or resentment when your action is not reciprocated or acknowledged.

Real actions of joy do not need the acknowledgment of others. They are satisfying by themselves.

You can only give authentic love when you are full of love. You fill your love tank by loving yourself, i.e. by attending to your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs.

When you are full of love, it is easy to give to others, in fact it is hard not to. When you are running on empty and try to give to others, it will feel like depletion and a burden. Where is the needle on your love tank? Empty or Full?

Sharing your gifts and fulfilling your mission is easier and more fun when you take care of yourself first. Remember, the oxygen mask must go on your face first before you can help others!

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