Your Father’s Success Legacy

Fathers influence our success in life. Financially and romantically! One of our very first examples of the masculine archetype, i.e. protector/provider, fathers teach us about success, safety and relationships. We learn from them what it means to be a man or a woman. Because their influence typically begins in early childhood when our brains are […]

Mission of the Heart

Mission come from the Latin word missionem which means “to send.” We come into this life with a mission — to fulfill our purpose, to share our unique gifts. Many people are confused about what their true mission is. It is actually very simple: Your mission is to share who you truly are! Be yourself! Being […]

What is Your Legacy?

We mostly think of legacy in terms of the money or property we might pass on to our survivors. It is actually anything transmitted or received from us including intangibles like values, beliefs, or attitudes. Often the intangible legacies are more valuable than money or property because they can guide one’s life. My mother, for […]