Love and Other Antidotes to Fear

According to the Beatles, All You Need Is Love to conquer fear. It’s true. Love makes everything possible except fear. The two emotions are incompatible. In the Beatles’ movie, The Yellow Submarine, the Blue Meanies are vanquished by love. We are all familiar with the blue meanies. They are the thoughts that leave us feeling […]

Finding Happiness in the Dark

Darkness is part of the seasonal cycle and also the cycle of life. There are good times and hard times. The secret of happiness is to learn to flow with the rhythm of these cycles. Often this is a lot easier said than done. Everything is going great and then suddenly BAM— your car breaks […]

A Breath of Heaven

Last week, I spent several days revising the follow-up emails to my complimentary grief guide, Essentials for Grieving Well. I had decided that people would be more likely to read the emails if they were shorter. So I broke up the original long emails into bite-sized bits. The email The Way of Breath spawned seven baby emails. That’s […]