Love and Other Antidotes to Fear

According to the Beatles, All You Need Is Love to conquer fear. It’s true. Love makes everything possible except fear. The two emotions are incompatible. In the Beatles’ movie, The Yellow Submarine, the Blue Meanies are vanquished by love. We are all familiar with the blue meanies. They are the thoughts that leave us feeling […]

How to Create More Ease in the New Year

What I would like for this New Year is more ease. January is the time to set our intentions, to think about how we would like our lives to be. We paint a picture of what we want and open our minds to this new possibility. Like so many of us in this Western Culture, […]

The Practice of Manifesting-Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote down the words “blogtalk radio” on a to-do list. I had just finished listening to an interview about near-death experiences and thought it might be a good venue for my own work. The very next day, I received an invitation from Uma Girish to speak on her blogtalk show […]

Manifesting Mastery – part 1

Some people seem particularly gifted in the art of manifesting. While the rest of us work hard, struggle, and often show small results for our efforts, these magical beings seem capable of getting whatever they want with surprising ease. They inspire our envy, often our dismissal — Some people have all the luck! But inside, don’t […]