Mentor Luck

Working with a mentor is one of the best ways way to improve one’s success.

A mentor, also called counselor, teacher, guide or coach, is someone with superior experience and knowledge who can guide students to achieve their goals.

Mentorship is the 3rd form of social connections in my manifesting luck formula. (see Lucky Inner Connections and Uplifting Social Connections for the other two). The other elements of this luck formula are positive mindset, vision and action.

An experienced mentor can help to facilitate the development of all the elements of luck.

Mentors abound in hero stories, e.g. Yoda in Star Wars, Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, the fairy godmother in Cinderella, Glinda in the Wizard of Oz, to name a few. Their guidance helps the hero/heroine to achieve results he or she would be less likely to achieve alone.

For most of us, our very first mentors are our parents.

Parents teach us how to navigate this three-dimensional plane of life. By mimicking their actions and receiving their approval, we learn to talk and walk, to get along with other people and to achieve some measure of success in life.

To move beyond our parents’ level of success, we must seek other mentors.

As we grow, our needs in a mentors change and grow too. We may need guidance with our inner game, goal setting, investments, relationship mastery, health and fitness, etc. Often we will need more than one mentor at a time.

Part of the potency of a mentorship is the advice and guidance that comes from the mentor’s own experience and knowledge. Part of it is the mentor’s support and belief that keeps the hero/student going even in the face of disheartening odds.

More mysterious is the transference of luck or success energy that can occur between the mentor and mentee. This transference of energy is called entrainment.

Entrainment is the vibrational synchronization of two organisms.

The stronger energy of the mentor pulls the energy of the student into harmony — very like a planet pulling an asteroid into its orbital field. It is a quick and effective way of transferring the frequency needed to manifest luck.

My Sufi teacher was a master at shifting people’s energy. Simply by sitting next to them, their state would change. Many of his students reported giving up long entrenched addictions, like drinking, smoking, or drugs, after a single workshop.

When I first started my coaching business, I won a free workshop from an experienced coach. Shortly after I attended her workshop, I signed up three clients — my first ever. This impressed me so much I did a  series of sessions with her which supported further success.

A similar thing happened a few years later when I was attempting to launch a new program. I received powerful energy work from a  husband/wife team and the week following our session, I signed four new clients.

I have found that entrained energy shifts can be short-lived if not followed-up with further mentoring.

It takes time for the body to master the vibrational frequencies conveyed by a mentor.

After a 2-month summer of Sufi workshops, I would be high and expansive. Opportunities would show up easily. Then after being back in the city for a while, the magic energy would fade and I would revert to my every-day-life energy. It took years of practice to develop the capacity to sustain that vibrational state of expansion and ease on my own. Even now, I frequently go back to Sufi camp for a tune up.

Entrainment by a powerful mentor can trigger fear in some.

An unexpected and sudden shift in consciousness can feel scary, untrustworthy, and even dangerous for those unused to this aspect of mentorship. There might be concern about acting impulsively or being under the control of another.

Of course it is wise to be cautious especially with a mentor you don’t really know. Successful advertisers and sales people often demonstrate impressive skills in the art of emotional manipulation. Some of these people masquerade as coaches and even spiritual teachers.

So, how can one be sure one is making a wise choice?

Here are some of my guidelines for choosing a mentor or coach.

  • Recommendations from people I admire and trust
  • How I feel when I am around the mentor/coach. – i.e. uplifted, empowered, understood, seen, supported, encouraged, helped
  • The mentor’s teaching, beliefs, theories, practices resonate with me. They make sense at a deep level.
  • The mentor has demonstrated success at helping people like me
  • My inner guides affirm the connection

An important key to making any mentorship work is being open and willing to try things out. Success comes from taking action. Once you have chosen your coach, it is wise to surrender with all your heart. You must be fully committed to get results. Only then will you be able to receive the mentor’s luck.

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