The Practice of Manifesting-Part 2

Rabbit Setting Intentions. - Manifesting

Rabbit Setting Intentions.

A few weeks ago, I wrote down the words “blogtalk radio” on a to-do list. I had just finished listening to an interview about near-death experiences and thought it might be a good venue for my own work. The very next day, I received an invitation from Uma Girish to speak on her blogtalk show about death and transformation. (Details forthcoming). That is the sort of instant manifesting I’d all like to master!

Cindy Morris from OMTimes likens the process of manifesting to ordering at a restaurant:

  1. You put in your order.
  2. You know that your order will be completed and brought back to you as soon as it is ready.
  3. You carry on with what you are doing.

Sounds easy, but doesn’t always work out that way. Cindy says we muck it up by questioning the process, by trying to micromanage the cook, so to speak. It is the number one way we sabotage our manifesting plans. In one breath, we say “I want this” and in the next, “but I’ll never get it.” The universe listens to what we believe and to what is emotionally charged. When the “I want” is a wheedling, pathetic plea and the “I’ll never get it,” is a definitive statement, guess what shows up?

Manifestation is not a magic trick or a once in a lifetime jackpot win. It is a way of life. We manifest all the time, only we do it unconsciously and often to our own displeasure. This is not entirely our fault. We were never taught how to do it effectively. Conscious manifesting is a skill that takes knowledge and practice.

Some of the things that facilitate manifesting are: clarity of intention, confidence, patience, positive emotion, strategic action and, probably most importantly of all, spiritual alignment.

Honda civic - Manifesting

My old car, Angelina

Last year I needed a new car. My trusty old 1985 Honda Civic, Angelina, needed extensive repairs and leaked whenever it rained. Big puddles on the floor. I made the intention that my next car would come easily and with little effort. Actually a new car showed up right away, even before I let go of the old one, but I wasn’t ready. Also, that particular car cost way more than I wanted to spend. Oh you mean you didn’t want to pay $7500 for a car? Okay, we’ll try again.

Over the next few months I refined my specifications. No red convertible even if it is in mint condition. No Toyota. Hate the headrest. Please, nothing over $5,000. What I wanted was a newer version of my old car – a reliable Honda Civic. Once I got clear on the details, the exact car turned up in a week. In fact it was even better than I asked for.

New car, Spock.

New car, Spock.

It was easy for me to be patient in this manifestation transaction. I could share my husband’s van. Public transportation was an easy walk. I didn’t need to hassle the manifestation cook because I was not attached to the outcome. Also, I took some strategic action which helped my confidence. I researched what was available in my area, the price range and mechanical issues to watch out for in the newer cars. Once a week, I perused the Craigslist car ads. I only called when all my requirements were met. Maybe because I decided it would be easy, it felt easy.

While I prefer to manifest under low stress conditions, my friend Donna manifests what she needs even in desperate situations. She says she enjoys the challenge. In her comment to my last blog post on manifesting, she shares the story of manifesting a hotel room in a very booked up Italian city. Oh to have her skill!

How does one get as confident as Donna about manifesting? How do we quiet the doubts when things don’t show up as fast as we’d like or need? This is what works for me:

When nagging doubts besieges me, I write them down on paper until they are out of my system– e.g. It’s not going to be easy. I’m never lucky at anything. I only get things through hard work. Good things happen to other people. Until I write them down, these negative thoughts tend to loop around in my head over and over. When I put them down on paper, it’s like letting air out of a balloon.

Next to each of my doubts, I write down the opposite — This is going to be easy. The universe gives me everything I need. I attract what I want without effort. I am the lucky one. In writing these positive statements, I feel the joy of their being true. This lifts my spirit and remind me of all the occasions when they are true. Being in a positive mindset is important to manifesting well. We can manifest when in a negative mindset, in fact we do it all the time, it just not usually what we want.

I find it helps to practice manifesting on a regular basis. Currently, I’m following Marina Orme’s Manifesting with Moon Cycles Program (link to program discount). At the new moon, I state my intentions. At the full moon I note what shows up. Because Marina instructs us to focus on the feelings we want to achieve rather than a specific physical outcome, anything that shows up is relevant.

Sometimes this sort of manifesting practice is a little like deciphering a dream. The universe works in mysterious ways. What at first thought seems irrelevant, on second thought will reveal valuable information about my intentions. The monthly moon cycle helps to heighten my awareness and notice when I am successful. This builds confidence.

Manifesting is really the domain of the spirit. That is, the universe provides what our soul needs for its journey through life. Sometimes this is very different from what we think we want. This is because the spiritual being, the life force inside, has come into this material world in order to learn things, to have specific life experiences and to expand its knowledge. The ego has its own agenda more to do with the comfort and pleasure of the physical body. Nothing wrong with that! That’s the ego’s job. Often, however, it is as though there are two separate beings operating inside of us, the ego self and the spiritual self. There are probably more than this, but let’s keep it simple for the moment. When we ask for something from the universe, when we set our intentions, the universe responds to the needs of the spirit. When what we ask for is in alignment with our spirit, the universe cooperates.

Meditation is the best way to align with spirit. Its like a telephone line to our hearts. It will give us insights about what we really want and need. It will also help us to master our negative thoughts. As we meditate, we relax, breath and let go. When we are in the flow of spirit, the universe smiles and magic happens.

For two month in a row, I’ve set the intention to feel more financially secure. At each full moon I’ve been receiving lessons about my marital relationship. Abundant lessons. Think there’s a connection? This month the new moon is in Libra with its focus on relationships. I give in. This new moon my intention concerns relationships.  I want more harmony, playfulness and understanding. I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s suppose to be a breakthrough month.


PS: Since my specialty is death and grief, you might be wondering how all this material about manifesting relates. Death and grief are two times when manifesting what we want seems most difficult. It’s good to develop the skill far in advance. Death and grief are ideal times to take manifesting to a higher level. They facilitate transformation. It’s the best time to be very clear about what you want.

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