Would You Like a Second Chance at Life?

What would you do with a 2nd chance to create a whole new you — more happy, healthy, wealthy, loved, brilliant? Throughout life there are special times that invite reflection and personal revision. The winter holidays and end of the year, especially this one (see NOTE below), are among those special times. End of Year/Holidays […]

Chasing Away the Lost Love Blues

Valentine’s Day, with its focus on romantic love, can be challenging for those who have lost partners or other dear ones. Even when there is no special memory associated with the day, the promotional hype of the media can worm its way into one’s consciousness and intensify feelings of loss. Below are my 2 best […]

Singing Joy to the World

In the dark of December comes the gradual returning of light. It is a time for celebration and joy. One way to express that joy is to sing in community. I love to sing. I guess that’s because I grew up in a family that sang. Throughout my early childhood, my parents and two sisters […]

Appreciating the Holidays

November is a transition month taking us from the vibrant colors of Fall to the somber grays of Winter. It is a time of rest and renewal, when the earth sleeps. Even in California this is true as the light fades and the rain envelopes us in its shroud. I like November because of its […]

Valentine Aid for Hurting Hearts

I like the idea of a day dedicated to the celebration of love. We can always use more love-consciousness in our lives. The origins of Valentines Day have been traced back to the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia, a spring fertility festival celebrated on February 15th. This holiday was usurped by the Roman Catholics and […]