Avoiding the Whirlwind of Regret

The #1 regret of the dying  is not living a life true to one’s self, but instead living the life others expected of you. The 2nd regret is working too hard. Living without regret means: Attending to your own needs before helping others — like the oxygen mask on an airplane. Learning to moderate you […]

Let Love Lead

In February, on Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love and relationship. Humans Need Relationships We are biologically wired to love and bond. This is one of the reasons why the loss of a loved-one can be so challenging. A significant bond is broken and its replacement is not so easily achieved. Connecting and bonding begin from […]

How to Create More Ease in the New Year

What I would like for this New Year is more ease. January is the time to set our intentions, to think about how we would like our lives to be. We paint a picture of what we want and open our minds to this new possibility. Like so many of us in this Western Culture, […]

A Leap of Trust

This month’s illustration is inspired by a card I made for my sister who was born on February 29 — a Leap Year baby. Leap Year is an interesting name for a year that has one extra day. Specifically, it refers to the jump in the progression of calendar days that happens from year to […]

Discovering Your True Self

Inspiration for this month’s illustration came from a recent dream. In the dream a voice explains: Occasionally, sea turtle eggs find their way into eagles nests. When they hatch . . . The voice trails off as a baby sea turtle falls from the nest. The dream illustrates the ludicrousness of trying to live like […]

Changing Time

September Summer is over! School buses crowd the morning streets. Remember how that felt when we were children? Paradise lost! Similar feelings arise in me as I mentally gear up for the faster pace of Autumn. “Wait!!!, My soul cries, “I am already moving at warp speed!” This is the way of the modern world. […]

Allowing Time

In last month’s blog I explored the practice of self-care as a way to nurture the seedlings of our life, e.g. work, relationships, kids, creative endeavors. Nurturing these seedlings helps to ensure a bountiful garden. When we approach them only with our minds, we cut out a vital part of the equation. The universe, you […]

Nurturing Seedlings of Self-Care

JUNE! Seeds have been sown, the planting is done, but the new growth is still tender and fragile. Attention and loving action are needed to keep the plants alive. My life is very like a garden. I plant the seeds of a new project, tend and cultivate and eventually harvest the results. In my business, […]

Valentine Aid for Hurting Hearts

I like the idea of a day dedicated to the celebration of love. We can always use more love-consciousness in our lives. The origins of Valentines Day have been traced back to the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia, a spring fertility festival celebrated on February 15th. This holiday was usurped by the Roman Catholics and […]