From Hero to Leader

I never gave leadership much thought — until about four years ago. I always associated leadership with CEOs, presidents, military commanders and maybe a charismatic religious leader or two. None of these had anything to do with me. I am a life coach. I help powerful women to love and accept themselves, to recover from […]

5-Day Make-Over Challenge

Make Peace with Your Past Want to make peace with your past and have more success in wealth, health and love? Join the 5-Day Make-over Challenge. Find out why your past maybe limiting you and what you can do about it. Join the Facebook Group: Live Your Brilliance, for details. 

Is Fear of Intimacy Affecting Your Love Life?

  Are you thinking it’s his/her fault that there’s no intimacy in your relationship? If he/she would only change, your relationship would be great! To some extent you may be right.  Maybe he/she: Was abused as a child Is currently recovering from a significant loss and not ready Is dealing with a divorce or relationship […]

Success Activation Through Inspired Action

  The best way to achieve success is through inspired action, i.e. action dictated from the heart, or spirit, or source. When you feel stuck regarding what you should do — leave a job or partner, a psychotherapist or coach, consider whether your indecision is resistance to doing something new or a desire to persist […]

Would You Like a Second Chance at Life?

What would you do with a 2nd chance to create a whole new you — more happy, healthy, wealthy, loved, brilliant? Throughout life there are special times that invite reflection and personal revision. The winter holidays and end of the year, especially this one (see NOTE below), are among those special times. End of Year/Holidays […]

The Key to Soul-Satisfying Success

Would you like more soul-satisfying success in Wealth? Health? Love? Let’s find out. Wealth Are you making the money you want? Does it fly out of your bank accounts as soon as it comes in? Are you barely making ends meet? Maybe you are stuck in a job you hate — killing yourself to do […]

Finding Love After Loss

Loss and significant change can have a big effect on your life, particularly when it involves significant bonds such as a partner, parent, child, sibling, even a close friend. It is important to address our human need for intimacy and connection that is triggered by loss. Otherwise, you can get you stuck.   Stuck is […]

Getting Into Balance Again

What does it mean to be in balance? Do the scales of justice come to your mind? Would balance mean having an equal amount of good and bad, happiness and sadness, work and play. Or would you imagine something weighted a bit more on the positive side of the scale? Whatever the mix, balance is […]

Celebrating Interdependence Day

Happy Interdependence Day! Yes, I mean Inter-dependence! On Independence Day, July 4, I invite you to contemplate and celebrate your connections with others.   Think about it! What you have right now is by the grace of your community and connections. The group you are partying with on the 4th, the food on the table, […]

Your Father’s Success Legacy

Fathers influence our success in life. Financially and romantically! One of our very first examples of the masculine archetype, i.e. protector/provider, fathers teach us about success, safety and relationships. We learn from them what it means to be a man or a woman. Because their influence typically begins in early childhood when our brains are […]