Avoiding the Whirlwind of Regret

The #1 regret of the dying  is not living a life true to one’s self, but instead living the life others expected of you. The 2nd regret is working too hard. Living without regret means: Attending to your own needs before helping others — like the oxygen mask on an airplane. Learning to moderate you […]

Creating Luck Through Positive Action

 Action is the third essential ingredient in the formula for manifesting good luck in one’s life.   The universe provides opportunity like a brass ring on a merry-go-round. We must reach out to claim the prize. We must buy the lottery ticket, make the phone call, book the hall, write the book, ask the question […]

How to Create More Ease in the New Year

What I would like for this New Year is more ease. January is the time to set our intentions, to think about how we would like our lives to be. We paint a picture of what we want and open our minds to this new possibility. Like so many of us in this Western Culture, […]

Steering Through Change

Almost every summer for the past 18 years, my husband and I have driven north to Oregon to spend time with his parents at their summer cabin. The cabin is remote, situated 4 miles down a dirt road, deep in a pine forest not far from the Deschutes River. It is so quiet you can […]

Changing Time

September Summer is over! School buses crowd the morning streets. Remember how that felt when we were children? Paradise lost! Similar feelings arise in me as I mentally gear up for the faster pace of Autumn. “Wait!!!, My soul cries, “I am already moving at warp speed!” This is the way of the modern world. […]

A Remedy for Too Much Busyness!

I have a cold. It’s a good sign that I’ve been pushing myself too hard. My body is telling me in no uncertain terms to take a break and slow down. Naturally, I resisted for the first two days, so my body turned up the volume and yesterday I couldn’t do anything. Illness is a […]